I'm a totally new person, feeling as good as EVER!

I'm a totally new person, feeling as good as ever, and honestly if it wasn't for fitstop coming to MS, I'd still be the miserable chubby Ally I use to be.

Nothing tastes as good as healthy feels!

We all fall off the rails at some point which is ok, but it's about being armed with the right tools and knowledge to know how to get back on track.....

I had never been so heavy in my life and it was time to change.

I really struggled attending a standard gym. Without set times/programmed work outs I find myself wondering around, struggle to give 100% for the duration of the training session...

I used to feel uncomfortable, tired and unconfident

Before starting Fitstop's Ultimate Challenge, I felt uncomfortable, tired and unconfident in my own skin. Then finally, my partner Afa and I decided we would do the challenge together.