I wanted to change. Fitstop was the change I needed!!

I want to personally share my experiences with Jai!  Let's highlight the fact that Jai rode his bicycle to and from the gym twice a day! Rain, hail or shine!

Jai came to us just over 9 weeks ago wanting to kick start a fitter and healthier lifestyle. Between shift working and recently moving out of home, Jai noticed he picked up a few bad habits and wasn't feeling himself. He had heard about Fitstop Victoria Point through Peter Hull (founder) and contacted him wanting to start up ASAP. He joined the next day.

"My life before starting the Fitstop ultimate 6 week challenge was unhealthy and lazy. I was always feeling run down and never wanted to do anything...I wanted to change the way I looked and felt about myself, so I needed a program to help me push hard and feel supported."

Jai's first session with us was a massive step for him! I don't think I've heard the words "you've got to be kidding me" used so much over a space of 45minutes from a member. BUT, he got it done and was there the next day ready for more!

At first motivation was the one thing Jai was lacking, as it took a lot of constant chat to keep him moving fast throughout workouts when it got hard. Come to his second week of his Fitstop Ultimate Challenge, he hit a massive turning point and realised he was more than capable to achieve his fitness goals.

Most of all I now feel motivated to keep pushing! I feel alive again!! 

Fast forward two days, he goes out and runs 2 KM without stopping (a massive goal for jai). After just 4 weeks of training with us and 2 weeks of his challenge, Jai was shocked to see how much weight he'd already lost! 

"I've always struggled with running long distances and with my food, especially maintaining a healthy balanced diet. Since completing the ultimate 6 week challenge, I've learnt how to maintain a healthy balanced lifestyle, lose weight and run for longer!!"

Jai was pumped! So many members were all getting around his massive achievements!

I was so happy to see this guy smashing his training and eating a clean healthy diet. Jai constantly pushed hard throughout his challenge and didn't let any issue stop him from training. Even riding his bicycle to and from the gym twice a day! Rain, hail or shine!

Our 6 Week Challenge came to an end and Jai was lucky enough to pick up the Male Winner! I asked just what was next, he's response was "Another 10kg and to not drop the ball at all!" That's exactly what I wanted to hear and to this day he is still riding his bike down to the gym and training his ass off!!

Jai's Results:

  • Lost 10.3KG
  • BF% down 7.5%
  • Smashed 28 MINUTES off my fitness test! 

"This is just the start, I'm ready to continue my program with Fitstop and hopfully lose another 10KG!"

Not only has Jai inspired everyone here at Fitstop, he has also made a massive impact on the Fitstop Victoria Point community! 
Well done Jai, we hope you enjoy your weekend away at Tangalooma Island Resort.

Spoken by Anthony Stebhens, Fitstop Victoria Point.

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