I would fall so hard off track. It was damaging for my body!

I wasn't exercising as much as I would of liked too and when I would exercise I would eat super healthy and feel as though I was back on track....

When I wouldn't make it to gym I would allow myself takeout and a pile of snacks and lollies. People talk about cheat meals, but I would have cheat days! More then I would like to admit.

It actually didn't hit me until a couple of months down the track when my pants actually started getting tight around my waste. That was a bit of a shock. When I was eating like this I knew it would take a toll on my physical appearance but it didn't matter at the time because, one I couldnt see it straight away and two because I was making excuses up for myself for not attending gym. 

I was down alot because of my weight and the way I looked, it was sad to think I let myself go.

I participated in the challenge because I knew it was time to get back on track!

After just moving back to the Redlands and being back with my original gym at Victoria Point, I then knew how unfit I was. I couldn't keep up with any of the other gym goers on the group Runs and my strength was completely gone. I always knew when I came back to the Redlands I was going to make a change. Being surrounded by motivating friends and trainers was what I needed!

So I signed up and got my self mentally ready for this new lifestyle change!!

Honestly, I didn't struggle as much as I expected! Surrounding myself with motivated people and supportive trainers helped me through!

I thought it would be hard to detox from my unhealthy habits, but I kept my meals very realistic and enjoyed cooking new recipe ideas! Given all the amazing meals available to us, how could I not!

My life now is completely different! I have my love back for fitness and some insane goals I want to crush! I am pumped to train with my crew and continue to get fitter and stronger. The goal for this challenge was to refind my balance and I can honestly say I have find it!!

My Results:

  • Lost 5.3KG
  • BF% down 3%
  • Smashed 2.30 MIN off fitness test!

Fitstop has helped me to get back on track and I fucking love it!

Next in my fitness journey is to keep trying to improve myself and staying on track. Keeping my balance is key and I can't think of anywhere else better to do!!!!

Thanks again to the entire team at Fitstop Victoria Point!

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