I didn't think I could stick to weighing out my foods and eating portions sizes. It was actually very simple and I felt better for it! 

Before the challenge I lacked confidence in my fitness routine and myself. My training and diet were not working for me and I didn’t have a great attitude towards reaching my goals, therefore I wasn't seeing results, which left me unhappy and unmotivated.

I was struggling to get my fitness back on track after a long absence overseas. I was sick of feeling unhappy about my body and I really wanted to make a permanent lifestyle change. I had been recommended the 6-week challenge and decided to try it out.

I had some things going on which at times made it hard to make myself get up and go train.

Initially I wasn't confident that I could make such a change to my diet. I didn’t think I could stick to the portion sizes and weighing my food. Then over the weeks it became a habit and I felt so much better for it. It was so simple to follow and I never got bored because of the variety of yummy recipes that allowed me to change it up!

Brittny KB

I also used to find it hard to motivate myself to come to the gym, especially going by myself, but by doing the challenge; I have made so many new friends. Everyone from the members to the trainers are so motivating and they are all there to help you out and push you harder. It really is like a community.
I was also having struggles in personal life, I had some things going on which at times made it hard to make myself get up and go train. But I would always know that after I did a class I would feel so much better. Coming to class everyday definitely helped me deal with these issues and was a great outlet for myself.

Mentally, I feel fantastic! It wasn't until the end that I realised how happy I was!

At first I was just focused on the physical changes that I didn't realize how much it could change my outlook on everything. Mentally I feel fantastic compared to 6 weeks ago and it happened without me even noticing. Training wise I feel so much stronger and physically I feel great. This challenge has helped me achieve goals I didn’t think I was able to achieve.

The best thing about the challenge is it has given me all the tools to help me continue my journey!

Everything I learnt in the past 6 weeks I can take into my life now and make work for me. For me this really was a lifestyle change and easily one of the best things I have done for myself.

Brittny PullUp

In just 6 weeks, Brittny dropped 2.9% Body Fat and lost 4kg! 

The Refine You Challenge program is designed to break bad habbits and learn how to kickstart a new balanced lifestyle. This is just the beggining for Brittny and we cannot wait to see her go from strength to stregth!

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