Fitstop has changed my outlook on life and I'm grateful to have found this amazing community! 

Prior to Fitstop and the challenge, my self-esteem was gone, I had no self-belief and life was a constant struggle, I lived in constant fear, I would emotionally binge eat and drink a fair bit of booze, I had no self-worth, became anxious and felt like I was only half a person.

I went to Morningside and did a free session, it was 5am and I sat outside for about ½ hour getting the courage to go in and when I did go in, I was welcomed with open arms and did my first strength session.  I really enjoyed it, however didn’t have the courage to go back until I saw the 6 week challenge advertised, well I thought this would help me be accountable and force me well out of my comfort zone, I signed up and the rest is history!!  

I found a family, a place where I belong and I can be myself.

I was devastated when I moved away from Morningside and couldn’t get to the location however to my delight Fitstop Slacks Creek opened, I did wonder if it possible to recreate that sense of family/community but it did tenfold.  After leaving Morningside some life challenges pulled me back into my old habits, my mindset was out of whack and once again I was on a downward spiral. Slacks Creek popped up just in time.


After joining Slacks Creek, I decided to take part in the Refine you Challenge to get myself back on track, this challenge has been my best yet and something has really clicked for me, I feel so empowered and despite my personal struggles and challenges for the first time in a really long time I am in control of my life.  Throughout the challenge I overcame a few mental issues where I could have given up on myself, sometimes anxiety rears its ugly head and I tell myself I can’t do it and lose all confidence. 

The training staff and support from fellow fitstopers' really motivated me to keep going!

I kept to the meal plan instead of emotional eating and I showed up,  the trainers and the support of my Fit Family was outstanding and really motivated me to keep going and for that I cannot say thank you enough, I broke a pattern right there and then.

Everything has changed for me and I am so excited about my new healthy lifestyle, my new mindset and I have so much energy.  I feel whole and many people in my life have said I have a sparkle about me which is so exciting.  The friendships I have made at Fitstop makes going to the gym extremely fun and so enjoyable.   At the moment I feel I am unstoppable and can’t wait to wake up each morning to start smashing the goals I have set.  I look forward to the gym and the healthy meals I have created for the week.


Moving forwards I am going to continue on this journey, I want to be a good role model to my family and friends and lead by example.  I am currently goal setting for the coming weeks and look forward to doing the next challenge.  I also have a real interest in cooking healthy clean food so I am going to start writing out all my recipes and see what new concoctions I can create.

Thanks so much to all of you at Fitstop Kristi, Chris, Ryan and Nikala for your dedication and commitment to people like me, helping us to become healthier, fitter and happier versions of ourselves.  I can’t recommend you enough!!

Sarah dropped 6.7% Body Fat and lost 3.3kg!

The Refine You Challenge program is designed to break bad habbits and learn how to kickstart a new balanced lifestyle. This is just the beggining for Sarah and we cannot wait to see her go from strength to stregth!

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