Life before joining Fitstop would consist of Hot box food, Take away and being drunk every single day without fail!

Life before the challenge and the gym would probably consist of a combination of Hot box food, Take away and being drunk every single day without fail.

I've had mates going to Fitstop for years and years and told me to come down. I'd always make an excuse to get out of it. I was known for swearing i'll never go to a gym. Truth is I was probably just to nervous to actually go in as I wouldn't have a clue what I'm doing in there!!

It was at a breakfast with two friends, Clarky and his partner Demi, one Saturday morning that Clarky hit me with the "you should do the next challenge you'll easily drop 10 kgs". I'll never forget it! He followed it up with "It's just 6 weeks man" he was right 6 weeks goes past in the blink of an eye. I think then and there I decided "fuck it" I'm having a go. He sealed the deal by tagging me on Facebook to let the world know. I had no choice now!

I had nothing to lose but the weight so why not just give it ago.

Honestly, the only struggles I had was walking in on the first day. I was just so nervous, but I've read it time and time again about Fitstop. The SECOND you walk in, People make you feel welcome!! It is insane! That and a bit of muscle soreness haha. Once I committed myself to the challenge, I didn't take any short cuts. If I wasn't meant to eat something naughty, I didn't eat it!

Adam workout

Now LIFE IS GOOD!! How I feel now is night and day different to how I was. I cant believe I let myself live that life for so long! I'd say everything has changed for me now. My mental attitude has changed 100%, I have so much more focus and determination in where I can see myself and where I want to be. I'm going to Fitstop 6 days a week. I don't drink at all throughout the week (going from 12-16 everyday was a "normal" thing for me) I'd say my whole lifestyle has changed!

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I'll be back again Monday morning! We aren't dont yet. I want more!!

Adam dropped 9.4% Body Fat, gained 0.9kg lean muscle and lost 10kg!

The Refine You Challenge program is designed to break bad habits and learn how to kickstart a new balanced lifestyle. This is just the beginning for Adam and we cannot wait to see him go from strength to strength!!

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