I had never been so heavy in my life and it was time to change.

I really struggled attending a standard gym. Without set times/programmed work outs I find myself wondering around, struggle to give 100% for the duration of the training session...

I surf every time I have a spare hour in my day, and play tennis during the week in an in-house competition at the Queensland Tennis Centre in Brisbane.

At the end of 2015, a couple of mates and myself boarded a jetski to get access to some secluded waves. On our way over we had a crash on the ski at 80Kmph, before I knew it I was in a double sling! I ended up tearing and damaging both shoulders, and my other mate broke his ribs.

Two shoulder operations were required, this restricted me to little/no sporting/training activities, a little too much partying and not sticking to a consistent meal plan/portion sizes.

I trained at Fitstop on a Saturday for free in 2016 and since then, the rest was history.

At the end of 2016 I was attending a function when Mick Fanning called me out in front of the boys for having a "Dad bod".
This was shortly after my second shoulder surgery and following a rather large festive season (Christmas), he was spot on. I had never been so heavy in my life and it was time to change my lifestyle and join the six week challenge.

My First week on the challenge was tougher than trying to recover from schoolies!  I struggled to come to terms with the fact that almost everything in my fridge and pantry was not on the Fistop Six Week Challenge meal plan, which was kind of telling me that is half the problem of why I weighed in the dollar club. I spent some time shopping for the meals that I was allowed to eat on the meal plan and really stuck by it 100%. I enjoyed the fact that you could eat out at times, however being selective of what I was choosing on the menu at the venue was within the guidelines of the Fistop challenge. I did not deviate from the food program and the Facebook group definitely assisted me in sticking to the goals with the help from the staff at Fitstop. 

After just 3 weeks, I noticed I had dropped three belt sizes!

I wanted to be fit and healthy again, to be able to surf and play tennis without being exhausted after the first wave/first point. No real goals were set until I jumped on the scales at the time of weigh in. I weighed well into the hundreds. I then said to myself "its time to get serious about this" and aimed to drop eight kilos in total. I tried to stay off the scales throughout the challenge, however half way through I noticed I had dropped three belt holes and wanted to see what I was weighing at. I weighed in at 93kg after four weeks, I then reset my goal to achieve a weight in the 80s and skip the 90s completely come weigh in time!

It's simple, for 6 weeks you lock into the meal plan, stay active, stay away from heavy nights on the sauce and bad food.  I highly recommend the program!!

I will be doing the next 6 week challenge and I challenge others to join me in doing so!! 

Thanks Fitstop! You've changed my life.


Matt Hicks

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