I used to feel uncomfortable, tired and unconfident

Before starting Fitstop's Ultimate Challenge, I felt uncomfortable, tired and unconfident in my own skin. Then finally, my partner Afa and I decided we would do the challenge together.

From the get go, Afa and I were both 100% ready to smash our goals and learn how to maintain a healthier lifestyle. 

I really LOVE Fitstop's training styles.

Throughout the challenge we really enjoyed the training styles and although I am yet to conquer that 1.5k run, I feel much fitter and more confident. The trainers are full of knowledge and always there to keep you positive and on track! 

Overall, I am so unbelievably happy with the results at the end of the 6 weeks and I will definitely be carrying on with the meal plan. The last 6 weeks has given me the kickstart I needed to acheive my goals and although I still have a bit to go, I'm definitely closer to my overall goals!

Thanks to the entire team at Fitstop Morningside for their support and guidence.



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